Saturday, August 20, 2011


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Garage sale last weekend. I didn't find anything interesting. But tomorrow/today I'll try again :-D
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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Garage Sale Inglewood Ca. 8/6/11

It's our family Garage sale this weekend in Inglewood Ca. 6am to 12:30pm come join us. prices will be low, low, low. Can you say," DOLLAR"? Well that's what we'll be saying a lot. One dollar, Two dollar. If you don't like the price, call your price. We don't want to have to put anything back. EVERYTHING MUST GO. 11810 Lemoli Inglewood, 6am-12:30pm Remember: One man's junk is another man's treasure

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hunting down a Washer( Lakewood Area)

Went out Saturday 7/30 on the hunt for a Washer. I found some good things I could use around the house, you know thing you need to buy and do but you just don't get to it. Well this is where Garage sales come in handy. I was finding everything but a Washer. I found(NEW!) Closet cedar storage set $ 1.00,window slide stop lock $0.50,Toilet seat, they ask$5.00 I paid$3.00,Bamboo roman shade$1.00 TOTAL$5.50 asked will you take $5.00 FOR EVERYTHING? YES! Next house I found white window blinds $2.00 ea. called home for measurements, I brought two. No Washer. One more Garage sale sign, my husband said let stop. It was a moving G-SALE so I ask do you have a Washer? The man said" YEAH!" and a Dryer. I only need a Washer, we went back and forth. How much? $150. for both. Do they work? You have to ask and listen to the tone in there voice. OK, so I like what I saw but kept a poker face(because they had to move) and said," YOU TAKE $125. for both"? We had a deal. YES! Can you say MAYTAG! Ooh yeah, I also found a miniature lander and cute little Oriental outfit for my dolls(

Pamona Area

This Garage sale deal here got me to thinking" I need to let everyone know the things you can get in a Garage sale" ANY AND EVERYTHING! for pennies on the dollar. 1991 Ford Escaper with only 18,000 miles. Price: 1,000 YES, everything works, excellent condition. Take a tour of what my husband now calls his MAN CAVE